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**Perfectly R#######** : A Bruiser Build For The Somewhat Impatient Heroic Player That Wants To Run-n-Gun.

I originally put this together to do brainless league time challenge runs. But it evolved from there…since I use Vile-Eclipse-EMP for those now.

So, here is Perfectly R####### build.

Click Here For Pretty Pictures Of Stats and Gear

Specialization: Survivalist

  • Incendiary Grenades: Great wide-radius and duration CC. Gets most enemies, and the enemies it can't get, can't hurt you that badly.
  • +10% Protection from Elites (more of that, later 😉 )
  • +10% Damage to targets with Status Effect, works great with Incendiary Grenades, and many weak-points on human enemies + team CC effects.
  • 10% Skill Haste when in Cover….mostly useless – but it's still there.


  • Depending on personal preferences, but I have found SMGs to be the best for this build, bring along a M4/Carbine 7/CTAR, and an M1A, for a bit more range as a secondary weapon.
  • The two best SMG options (IMO) are the MPX, and the Banshee, with Fast Hands, Strained, or Optimist. I have also tried various flavors of Vector (OK guns, but not as good as the MPX and Banshee,) Lady Death (mediocre, small magazine hurts its sustain. The movement stacks aren't an issue, but you lose a lot of damage due to reload timing.) And Backfire (solid weapon, if you don't kill yourself….) And pretty much the entire roster of Named and normal SMGs.
  • Shotguns, specifically the Scorpio, or Six12 are also reasonable at super close range (or as a CC weapon. But SMG will out damage them substantially at anything beyond a few meters.) DTTOOC is king, of course.


  • Backpack: Memento (I do not have a good alternative to the Memento if you don't have one. I've tried various options, the best of which is probably a weapon damage brand piece with +1 Skill Tier.)
  • Holster: Emperor's Guard (Re-roll to CHC/CHD) (Might be hard to get, DZ item…. alternative is just a regular Murakami piece, with +1 Skill Tier, and CHC, and CHD. The 20% Skill Duration is a big help for the Defender Drone this build likes to use.)
  • Mask, Vest, Gloves, and Kneepads: 1x Belstone, 2x Golan, and a 4th item of your choice – either more DPS with WH/Solokov/Ceska (if you need the CHC), or a 2nd piece of Belstone, or 3rd piece of Golan/piece of Gila. OR even a Improvised piece for the additional Gearmod slot.
  • Vest Talent: Obliterate seems to work the best. You might also try Intimidate – Especially if you have a Hunter-Killer (named Golan Gear vest.)

Gear Cores/Attributes:

  • General gear attributes should be Critical Hit Chance until you have 55-60% with your SMG of choice, with the rest of it into Critical Hit Damage.
  • IF you max out CHC and have some attribute slots to spare that aren't already CHD, Weapon Handling for faster reloading, Armor Regeneration, Headshot Damage, or whatever you feel comfortable with. Though, with perfect gear you'll at most have only one extra attribute slot available for such. – if that…
  • Gearmods (3 slots) should be Protection from Elites.
  • Everything can keep it's basic core if you aren't running the 2nd Belstone/3rd Golan/Gila, or a skill brand piece. You should end up with exactly 4 Armor Cores, 2 Weapon Damage Cores, and 2 Skill Tier cores. Along with 9 red secondary attributes, and one blue secondary (Emperor's Guard.)


  • Skill 1 of course, is the Ballistic Shield. With 4 Armor Cores and 2 Skill Cores you'll have a tier 6 shield. YOU can chose to replace an Armor core with more Weapon Damage, but it is negligible in terms of impact on performance. Losing shield health does heavily impact this builds effectiveness. You can also run a pistol/shield build with the Deflector Shield, which is hilarious. 93R is fun. Or just the Bulwark…
  • Skill 2, Defender Drone. Yes. DEFENDER DRONE. With two skill tiers, you get 25% damage reduction – which helps tremendously. You can get a single Damage Reduction mod, and the other slots should be Duration/Cooldown mods. IF you lean more heavily on the Defender Drone you may consider exchanging some of those Armor Cores for Skill Tier Cores. It is an option, but not one I have had the opportunity to test.
  • Other skill 2 choices? Assault Drone is reasonable, and you can run In-Sync weapons for very large damage to bonus. Incendiary Sticky, or Firestarter Chemlauncher for more CC and damage boost to status affected enemies. (But again, you have Incendiary Greandes.) Sticky Foam Chemlauncher… EMP (for dogs,) etc… Overall, I found Defender Drone the best for keeping me alive.


  • You'll have roughly 33-39% Protection from Elites, most likely, not 39% since 13% POE mods are infuriatingly difficult to find. But both 11% and 12% are quite common. That'll make you almost invincible against a single elite enemy on Heroic/Raid. Even two or three will take some time to wear down your shield, and you. Add in the ~25-31% additional protection from the Drone – which is mostly there for Reds and Purples – and you're looking at somewhere around 60-70+% damage reduction against Elites/Bosses/Rogues/Hunters. (10% POE from Survivalist, don't forget.) Also, temp bonus armor from Memento is nice too.
  • I can take this build, and face tank two or three bosses or rogues without a problem. I haven't had the chance to test more than that. But, I can also do enough damage to kill them within a reasonable time frame. It isn't an All Red DPS build, but it has tremendous survival powers and can still be effective at killing things.
  • Kill reds and purples first though, they are the most dangerous thing. Light Machine Gunners ARE the most dangerous thing, even the Yellows that you normally have practical immunity to are dangerous to you. But in general, making sure you are killing the weakest enemies first, and keeping obstructions between you and the LMG guys will keep you alive.
  • Hunter's Fury is a fine solo, or even 2-person Heroics build. However, I found it to be quite squishy at 3 and 4 players, when the number, and spread of enemies increases substantially. This build is mostly a remedy to this – it has no problem face-tanking a huge group, and dishing out damage against its biggest threats (reds and purples, and LMG boys) while your team does whatever in the background. Face tank a door? No problem. Drop a incendiary grenade at your feet and laugh while the bots burn. Face tank a boss? No problem. They will want to melee you – NO PROBLEM JUST EAT IT AND SMILE!
  • Range Weakness: Mid and Long Range, bring a AR, maybe even a M1A Classic for those fights were you just can't get the shield and your SMG into play properly. There are very few missions were you can't just face-tank, so have a backup plan.

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