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Pipe Dreaming: Design a DLC

With inminent news about Skyscrapper hitting Soon (TM), it got me excited and thinking what game modes you can come up with and I would like to hear what we all can come up with.

The rules are simple:

Design a DLC, it can be a Story/Narrative driven DLC, it can be a replayable game mode, a Raid, etc.

Have a backstory/lore attached to it, tying to what we have in the game story and setting.

Have a faction or various factions explored, this can of course be made up.

I'll start:

Name: The Metro

Location: DC Subway

Type: Game Mode

Backstory: The SHD is alerted of unusual activity across the subway tunnels in DC, including power surges and reports of suspicious individuals clad in black seen increasingly around Subway stations.

Upon investigation, it is found the Underground faction (the silent ninjas) is behind this, with plans to reactivate the subway to transport their chemical warfare efforts. After clearing resistance, the SHD boards the train and begins moving towards the "base" of the Underground.

Gameplay: You begin with limited ammo and medkits, the train moves on a one station at a time basis. On each station, the doors will open and you can be attacked by the Underground, you choose if you leave the train and fight the enemies in the station or inside the train. Going outside can help get more loot, ammo and medkits, while staying inside is a safer bet but can put a strain in your resources and limit your loot acquired. However, if you miss the train, it's game over. You can only bring one loadout and cannot switch in the entire mission.

Reaching the final station begins a bonus round, where in an increasingly contaminated area (similar to Iron Horse heat), you must eliminate the enemies that remain and defuse a chemical dispenser using 4 timed generators, similar to Razorback's.

At this point, if you die, you get 1 cache per every generator disabled and one more for clearing the bonus round. These caches are scaled to Legendary difficulty.

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