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Post Warlords Of New York Ideas

When i think of Division 2 though unfortunately I don’t see a lot memorable instead just TU after TU of broken updates the raids are fun Summit is cool it’s just it won’t keep me inticed forever like Survival did or Last Stand.

After WONY is over I think they should add something new something like being able to go Rogue. As we see in the Division 2 WONY the Division are not trusted at all by anyone with Faye Lau going Rogue and Keener terrorizing them for so long. The division doesn’t have much of a purpose if their help isn’t wanted. It would be cool to see your agent step into the shoes of a Rogue.

It would be a cool expansion (more than likely paid) to see a whole new story line either with your current agent or being able to experience the events of a First Wave Agent as the Division abandons them and you join Keener. But not only would a new story be cool to go along with a Rogue agent it would also be awesome if we could invade other players missions as a Rogue and try to kill them (sort of like what Watch Dogs does or Doom Eternal).

A whole new Specialization could go along with this with the special weapon being a gun that when shot at an enemy skill (Drone, Turret, maybe even a Warhound) would convert it to yours ammo would be very limited on it. The special skill could be a Firefly that would fly around and zap enemy enemy skills disabling them.

That’s just some thoughts though it would also be cool to see Survival make a return and maybe even a bigger DZ set in NY.

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