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Returning player. Just finished main story. Rate my build

I've been rolling round with this setup for the last 2 days and wanted to know if its any good or if im missing something. Its only been about a week since I completed the main story and reached level 40 for the first time so forgive my ignorance of this games build mechanics.

Main weapon: "grudge" submachine gun/ "dark winter" sub machine gun

Second weapon: "bullet king" LMG/unnamed shotgun with max stats

Full red build 4 pieces of hunters fury Coyote mask 1 Glassed cannon Damage: 100k +/- Cc: 60% Cd: 100%

With grudge (900 RPM) I lose some crit chance but with perfect strained I gain crit damage. and dark winter (1200 RPM) I get a chance to increase crit damage/chnce if I kill with a crit but its 1200 RPM

I tested both guns at shooting range on named and netted 3.5 million dps with dark winter and 3.2 million dps with grudge. Both targets at close range

I normally run with gunner specialist but since I've unlocked all specs for it I'm running technicians atm.

I am very squishy so pvp is usually a one sided match with me almost always losing lol. But in pve I'm able to 1 clip most bosses with the exception of tanks which take 2 clips. So what are your suggestions, tips, or criticism? Thanks

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