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Should I buy The Division 2 WONY or just base game?

I just saw that the base game is for 4.50€ on UPlay, and I really loved the first game, even if I didn't end it (I was playing it with my boyfriend, but he quitted so I was like "Its boring to play alone").

The thing is: I am gonna be strong and finish the first game alone, and I really want to play the second. Like, I have no idea what is gonna be like, but I want to play the game.

4.50 is really cheap, but I also don't have a great budget. Still, I saw that the game + WONY is 18€, which I can handle. The ultimate edition is for 24 ,but I rellay don't want what they offer; I will level my char while the story, so I think that's not a big deal. Also, I didn't reach 30 ever, so if there's something important about that level I need to know, tell me please. I just know I need to be 30 and World tier 5 in order to play the WONY expansion. It is difficult to reach tier 5? I mean, it doesn't seem so, if that's a condition.

So, anyway, I was searching info about if it's worth buying the expansion, because from 4.50 to 18 there is a difference (yes, still is cheap, but well, I don't have a work, so my money is counted).

I saw too much people complaining about all the bugs it has. Are they fixed? It is now safe to say: WONY is worth?

Also: do you recommend me to buy the expansion with the game for 18, even if I had to beat the game first? Or should I wait? Could it be cheaper to buy it separately or it is like a real deal now?

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