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State of the Game – October 9th, 2019

State of the Game

This weeks State of the Game focused on the Episode 2 content.


Priority Alerts

These Apparel Event changes have been implemented with Mondays' maintenance: <

With TU6, Conflict will also get a new map called “Wharf”.


The Second Raid – delayed

The first raid, Operation Dark Hours, was a thrill to launch. Watching players share their experiences in overtaking the Black Tusk at Washington National Airport was unbelievable. That said, reading the feedback on the forums and listening to the discussions with the community, it became apparent that releasing the second raid at this stage would not allow the developers to deliver the optimum experience that you expect. With that in mind, they’ve made the decision to delay the launch of the second raid until 2020. The extra time for our teams will help ensure the second raid not only meets our standards, but yours as well.


Free Weekend

There will be a free weekend, where you can play The Division 2 for free. October 17th to October 21st for all platforms. You will keep the progress that you do in the free weekend when you buy the game.


Known Issues

Lag and Hit Registration improvements

As communicated before, they’ve implemented some improvements to hit registration and lag on the Conflict server and are still looking for feedback. So if you are playing Conflict, please give feedback in the official forums.

So far the results have been good, but they want to run more tests before they roll it out into the rest of the game.


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Community Resources

The community has provided a lot of guides, tools, and lists: Link


Important links

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