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Suggestion: Some specializations need their grenades swapped to fit their archetype.

Right now in game, the following specializations has these grenades:

Survivalist – Incendiary grenade

Demolitionist – Frag grenade

Firewall – Cluster grenade

Gunner – Foam grenade

Sharp shooter – flashbang

None of the classes besides the technician has grenades that lines up with their archetype. They arent that useful for the style of play or tactics that those classes are good at.

I would suggest Massive swap these grenades around to this:

Demolitionist – Cluster grenade – This grenade Has large coverage and high explosive damage potential, same as the grenade launcher and this class has skills that directly buff explosion damage.

Firewall – Incendiary grenade – Its a fire class, so of course the fire class gets the fire grenade. It also has perks that buffs the fire.

Gunner – flashbang – This grenade causes enemies to stop shooting at you and has a wide range, which is perfect for the gunner since to use the minigun you have to be out of cover and the best way to do that and stay alive is to have the enemies stop shooting at you, which the flashbang is the best grenade at doing that.

Sharpshooter – Foam grenade – Since the sharpshooter is a sniper class, the foam grenade is great for making enemies completely stop moving, so you can line up headshots. The enemies in this game moves a LOT, and they move fast too.

Survivalist – Frag grenade – This does explosive damage and causes bleed, same as the crossbow. So this grenade would suit this specialization the best.

This makes a lot more sense as all the grenades now line up with their specializations strengths very well and could make players use the grenades more if the grenades aided in what they are doing.

What do yall think???

Yay or Nay???

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