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Targeted Loot DC/NY 16/03 – Manhunt Objectives – League Objectives

Targeted Loot DC:

Targeted Loot NY:

Note: There are more items than zones to put them in on the map. Some items will be left out from the targeted loot pool each day. If an item you want to farm is missing you can farm it at Summit. You can change the targeted loot at Summit by opening the map in the lobby and pressing R (PC) or Up on the Dpad (XB & PS)

Manhunt Objectives; Neptune:

Westside League:

Westside League Objectives:

  • Federal Emergency Bunker – Hard 14:00
  • DCD Headquarters – Hard 16:00
  • Potomac Event Center – Hard 16:00
  • Roosevelt Island – Challenging 25:00
  • Outcast Members Burned – 500
  • Outcast Elites Killed – 250

Weekly Invaded Missions:

  • Jefferson Plaza
  • Air & Space Museum
  • ViewPoint Museum
  • Capitol Building

Weekly Legendary:

  • Capitol Building

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