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The Division 2 Build tool is back, and is updated!

Before starting, I need to thank GyroTwister and Kiochy for helping me update the tool to the latest update.

I came back to TD2 after a few months of break and I decided to bring back my tool.

And it has some new features. (and bugs)

  • Share build screenshot, A must-have to quickly share builds to Discord or Reddit

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  • New Talent, Mods, and Attributes search

Search improved

  • CompactUI, Some users told me that the UI was too thick so I removed the talent descriptions and replaced them with a nice tooltip

Compact is good for laptops and mobile devices

I also added a feedback button, tell me what you think of the tool, if it is broken or if there are new bugs

I thank again GyroTwister, Kiochy, and the guys of The Division 2 – Gear Attribute Sheet

You can try it here

If you have any issue or feedback add them to

Or join the community

I Always need some help updating the datasheets of the tool, so if you want to help join the discord and ping me, no coding required.

Known bugs:
Missing mods on both SIG 556 ARs. DPS calculator does not work properly. Copy screenshot does not work on Firefox but you can still right-click the image to copy it.
The toolbar does not scale properly on some small mobile devices.

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