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The game, right now, is perfectly tuned

… to be unfun, no matter how you play it.

Regardless of the difficulty you play, you will have a hard time, because all NPCs deal tons of damage. Loot is shit regardless of which difficulty you play.

Play on lower difficulties, game is hard, loot is shit, but you finish faster.

Play on higher difficulties, game is hard, loot is shit, but it takes longer to finish.

Play the game for the Global Events, game is hard, loot is shit, and now it's a chore. I honestly prefer to work over rushing missions against broken enemies or playing Polarity. It's not fun.

Only builds that feel viable now are full red. Full blue don't deal enough damage, and are only useful in groups with a shield build. Full skill are either useless, because enemies one-shoot your deployables, or as good as a full-red, if you play around with seeker mines and chem lauchers.

Some talents take too long to trigger (10 to 12 seconds). Can't stick to cover that long because enemies spam grenades.

The balance between challenge and reward isn't there. It's not fun. It's not rewarding. It's just stressful.

What is the point of playing it, as much as I want to?

To the "git gud" and "just optimize" folks out there, show us your build in action, doing some Legendary missions, and getting loot that it doesn't make it feel like it was a waste of time! Eager to see them.

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