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This has to be the stupidest mechanic I’ve seen so far (Rant Incoming!)

So I'm matchmaking as team leader on Heroic Lincoln Memorial Invaded, just about to head into the memorial after clearing the first 3 areas with 2 other randoms. A fourth random joins us while in the DZ checkpoint. Doesn't fast travel to us but instead goes to enter the DZ. 'Ready Up' comes up on the screen with a timer, which I ignore, as I'm trying to finish the ads from the final area. I'm guessing the other 2 randoms did the same. With the countdown reaching 0 the 3 of us in the mission are fast travelled to the DZ checkpoint to the moron that has seemingly no intention of actually joining us. This meant we had to start the mission all over again! HOW CAN A JOINING PLAYER WHO ISN'T TEAM LEADER PULL 3 PLAYERS THAT ARE ACTIVELY IN A MISSION INTO THE DZ WHEN WE DIDNT EITHER ACCEPT OR DECLINE AN INVITATION TO DO SO! The default should be either 'Decline' or it should automatically fast travel the DZ player to the mission. This is the stupidest mechanic I have seen in a long time and I remember when Massive had April 31st as a date in the The Division 1! I know you want players to experience the pale imitation of the DZ from The Divison 1 in the 2nd game, but this isn't the way to go about it. This is so obvious it isn't even the first rule….

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