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Thoughts on more armor cores for solo pve builds?

Made a foundry tank build recently (that’s intended for the raid to support a group) that is fully armor and armor regen. Just to test it out I took the build into a challenging control point just to test it and see how my survivability is. I’ve never played a tank before.

Low and behold not only did he EASILY survive I cleared the entire control point with no damage lol. Just used shotgun at super close range. This is with no red cores?!?!

Furthermore I’ve found my pvp build which is also a lot more armor also does very well in pve both missions and control points. Almost more effective than my all red dps pve build. And definitely more fun to play.

So these got me thinking. Is all red really needed? Is it more viable to mix in armor or do more hybrid style setups for heroic PVE solo?

Because I humbly admit I STILL even at shd 1200 don’t consistently run open world heroic cause the npcs are just insane. I can solo heroic missions and control points but challenging is waaaay faster and smoother.

SMG run n gun style builds with a lot of armor cores seeem extremely effective not just for pvp but like I said PVE stuff as well. And it’s super fun to play.

Give me thoughts and opinions here. What types of builds is everyone running for solo open world heroic? Am I crazy for thinking more armor is better?

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