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Time Trials Amplify Everything That is Wrong with the Current State of the Game

These time trial are more of a fight against all the bugs and issues with the game than the actual enemies themselves. For the most part I have no problem making it through missions at a reasonable amount of time, but to spend 15 minutes only to get to the end of a mission and have an enemy hide in an unreachable part of the level, get stuck in an enemy spawn closet, or as I ran into last night, get glitched into an object (wooden crates for us). When it's my fault I didn't make good timing I couldn't care less, but when it's a bug or a glitch or straight up piss poor game design (a la the enemies that run and hide in areas that are unreachable until you kill them) or just game design in general that has no place at all in a "time trial", like the 30 second in-game sort of cutscene at the end of a mission. It ALL makes for the most frustrating experience I've had so far in D2. I was able to put up with most issues and bugs before because they didn't directly impact the outcome of what I was trying to accomplish for the most part, but this is just not fun what-so-ever. I would say, like a lot of other people are saying, "Fix the game before you give us more content", but a lot of these issues have been here since the beginning of the game. It's been out for a year. I just don't see that happening any time soon if ever unfortunately. /rant

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