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Unfortunately, Let’s be honest…

With todays supposed "leak" causing a flurry of content creators to make videos about rumors with 0 evidence behind them, I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion about Year 3.

First, I found the timing of this supposed leak almost "perfect timing". With an average of 2500 active players at one time (according to reported numbers on google) for the last few months, and the rapidly approaching demo of competitor Outriders, i personally think this sudden "drop" of info is very suspicious. The reason i say this is that, this time last week on twitter, People can fly posted a twitter thread answering most general questions people have had about the demo. and in those comments, it seemed to be a decent sized comparison to division2/massive and the SOTGs, with a decent amount of them being negative towards Div2. I mean, there hasn't been a SOTG since what, November? and as soon as time approached for the release of the outriders demo, all of a sudden there's a communiqué from ubimassive about "more content" in year three and now this leak? seems like they are scared of losing their potential microtransactions.

Second, the fact that the post was removed by the OP and not a moderator makes me think that this, at most, the community managers trying to rehash interest in a game they themselves said would end after Faye Lau ( further supported by the handling of that last manhunt mission) or at least, a content creator that has seen a significant drop in viewership.

Third, Didnt they reduce the amount of staff actually working on div2 to that of a skeleton crew? I remember hearing that either employees were transferred to the avatar game (pre star wars announcement) or laid off coinciding with the change to a new office building.

Basically, to sum it up, Im not saying they feel threatened, but rather it seems like they are.

Plus, after the whole IH raid fiasco, personally i have lost all faith. I played through season 4 out of almost a sense of duty or obligation to see it through. But i no longer see any reason to keep playing this game. Maybe ill reinstall Division 1…

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