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Versatile Gunslinger build

Just got back to plaything this game and decided I wanted to make my own build. I'm not sure if this build has already been made just curious about input for it. So it is an SMG build cause i love my self an SMG. I'm probably going to use one of the vectors as that RPM is nice. for the brand set 3 petrov and 3 providence defense. As the title says Versatile and gunslinger. For the attributes get the crit chance high crit damage high all that jazz. Then always walk around with secondary out. If you're about to attack just switch and unload with 55% weapon damage and if you're being attacked roll while swapping your weapon and unload. Not sure if switching weapon while rolling triggers the 55% weapon damage buff or not. I think either the gunslinger or versatile only lasts for 5 seconds so that's why I think putting close and personal on the SMG. So the first buff gives you enough time to kill one and then you get the next buff for the other. If the fight draws out you can just do a double roll and swap around(hopefully). Anyways I'm sure this build is full of holes so all input it as always appreciated. Thanks for reading my build!

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