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Well, i thought it would have been nice to share my Directive build.

Ok, before killing me with "you should get this instead of that", i know it already 🙂 I am trying other options to see what works better (for example, i have to get a Carnage as secondary weapon for tanks cause Pestilence kinda sucks).

So. Idea was to "stack all the dots!". Directive works pretty well after the revamp, and double bleed damage is pretty good to have. Also, we got Vile so i though "look at how well those two could work together".

Hence the build. 4 Directive + Vile + Contractor's (as armor dmg works on dots). Main weapon Pestilence (because more dots), secondary Carnage since it's way more effective on tanks. Robots don't get the bleed, so i picked the EMP Sticky (not in the video, it just got to my head after i recorded it) to make them easier to deal with. I have healing chem for sustain. All rolls are red cores and status damage.

The best part of this, is that enemies cannot just avoid the dots. They can run and hide but they'll still die. Other ideas: get an Anarchist's Cookbook and see if it's better, but the double dmg bleed is really good.

I just wanted to share it. Don't really care if it's super effective or not, but i test all my funky builds at heroic 4 directives (as i usually play) to see if they work.

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