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Whatever became of the dark zone in the division 2? And what was it in the first place? Was it ever used?

I am a veteran the division player. I played the first one religiously when it came out. Last time I logged in I had over 600 hours of gameplay. which was the longest I've ever played a game at that time.

I know the first game had a lot of issues but I personally just love the core gameplay of it that's why I played it so much.

What I also loved about the first game was the dark zone. It was so thrilling going into the dark zone, teaming up with randoms, happening upon another squad, never knowing if there was going to be a firefight or friendly waving. The dark zone was the place to be at the time.

Fast forward to 2 years later, the division 2 comes out.

I'm going to be honest, as much as I loved the first Division I didn't play the second one nearly as long. I probably played about 15 hours of it when it first came out, and I haven't put it back in since.

that doesn't mean I didn't like the division 2, I just think that by the time it came out I was still so burnt out from the first one that it didn't really interest me to play the second one at that time.

one thing I remember distinctively that I didn't like about the division 2, was the dark zone.

I remember there being more than one dark zone, which I don't mind. But what I noticed about those dark zones was that they weren't populated. No one ever went there. Nothing ever happened there.

in the first division as soon as you enter the dark zone you would hear gunfire from other players, you would see squads duking it out. It was so thrilling.

But in the division 2 I saw none of that. Granted I did probably only spend five or so hours total in the dark zone, but in that whole time, not even joking, I only ever saw two other players.

Why was this? Why was the dark zone so bad compared to the first one? Or was it better? And it's just a strange coincidence that nothing ever happened on my servers?

is the dark zone still like that today? I'm thinking about revisiting the division 2, but the state of the dark zone is my biggest reason for hesitating at the moment.

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