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What’s the difference Between a Title Update and an Episode?

To be honest, I find this to be one of the most unnecessarily confusing games I’ve ever played from the standpoint of trying to do basic stuff … exotics, upgrading and this ridiculous gear score thing which apparently doesn’t mean anything, but it’s still in the game. Episode 1 came and suddenly went away … only to be coming back for periods of time? I think I fell for TD1 logic in that I bought the vanilla version and ended up buying all 3 DLC individually… as I deemed them worthy. Because of the first experience, I splurged on the whole enchilada for TD2 assuming the DLC content would be a worthy investment. Now it seems like these title updates offer more excitement than the teaser-named “episodes” … only emphasizing how easily I fell for a well-planned bait-and-switch.

The biggest mistake I made was not reading between the lines. The game promised all first year DLC was “free” and simple economic common-sense should have stopped me from thinking that paying in advance for content that everyone would be getting would be beneficial (NOTHING is free).

As a casual gamer who generally opts for a game and sticks with it for the long haul (early MOH and COD, STALKER, WoT and now Division), I’m disappointed in that I no longer find myself compelled to play this game on a regular basis … the first game was fun, but this rendition has time-gated “chores” that force you to play or you miss-out on getting things … no thanks. i’m glad some still enjoy it. Based on this experience, I will NEVER invest more than the basic version of a game and more than likely, I will never pre-order again. It’s a business and in the end, it’s all about $$$. Lesson learned.

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