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What’s the state of the game like?

I got the game on launch, and played until about a month after WT5 released, i believe. I really enjoyed the game a lot, and it actually became one of my favorite shooters, though i haven't played TD1.

There were a few things that really bothered me and ultimately drove me to not want to play anymore. Most notably and overall the key reason: at the time, the grind at endgame was really just awful in my opinion. I was doing daily routes for loot, i was doing the daily and weekly missions. It felt impossible to get some of the drops i wanted. Crafting was worthless once you stopped leveling, and i don't remember what it's called, but the mechanic of transferring one stat from one piece of gear to another was a bit too limited for my liking.

Another thing was the apparel events. Early on, they were great. You could easily get everything just by playing regularly and doing what you'd be doing anyway. The last one in the time that i played i believe had some secret service outfits. It was like a white button down and some dress pants or something. Maybe some of you will be able to decipher which event i mean lol. Anyway, obviously apparel is ultimately irrelevant to the game, but cosmetics are pleaaing for me personally, and i felt with that event, they were pushing people that wanted everything to buy it with real money.

I left during that event because i hated the direction the game was going in despite how much i was previously enjoying it, but i want to enjoy it again. Has it changed much? Can anybody give me a rundown of some of the added content since then, and maybe some insight on any changes to progression and endgame since then?

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