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when you make a 2nd and 3rd character, will they have access to to the past lvl 40 bonus stat % as well as the the fully maxed out optimization station?

hi all,

I was thinking about making a 2nd and maybe even 3rd character so I can keep my inventory clean.

I'd love to have a "healer" where I can have 2-3 different healer loadouts (e.g. full medic, med/support hybrid, comba healer), then a skill DPS build with different loadouts (e.g. bleed build, support CC/ DPS hybrid, etc) and the 3rd one would be my red DPS build.

I have not started my 2nd toon yet, because while I would be fine to level through the first 40 levels again I really would not want to start all over with the perks you unlock afterwards, neither would I want to start over with maxing out the optimization station.

Loadouts etc are cool but I absolutely hate having limited inventory space cluttered with existing builds or builds in the making and would love to spread them over several agents.

Another question would be: would the new toons be in the same guild or group so I just could change agents on the fly? Like, log e.g. my red DPS out when the group needs a healer so I just go to the character screen and pick my healer and will be in the same group or guild after reconnecting?

Tks in advance everyone.

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