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Why do all enemy NPCs look soo cool , while friendly npcs look LAME AF.

Compare black tusk , true sons, cleaners ,rikers and hyenas to our JTF and civilian militias. Its like after designing enemy npcs , the developers got tired and just did put basic dressing on friendly npcs. Most of you would have seen the WONY short movie trailer by now.

Look at the JTF in this clip. They have tactical gear and actually look like they were funded by US taxpayers with top equipment. In game our JTF are mostly malnourished wearing lame white t shirt and old pants like it was some bananna republic in africa. Remember , the JTF are the combination of our first responders and national guard.The way Division2 depicts them is downright insulting to them. As for the civilian militia tho, OH MY GOD!!!. When division2 launched they did not even have those lame straps across their shoulders they have now. It was just basic dudes in civilian pajamas and bermudas. Its like massive put the barest of the most barest effort. This is truly embarassing.When i shoot a flare up before capturing a control point I want a squad of tactically geared JTF troops to assist me. Not these lame looking guys. Takes out all the immersion tbh.

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