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With TU6 looming, what are your favorite guns?

I have been in WT5 for what seems longer than I was in high school, and like high school it's been a mixed bag. But one thing all this grinding has achieved is that I have some very strong opinions on guns.

This is not meant to be a data driven question — I really applaud those quants who have gotten the numbers put together for all the weapon classes. I love the data, but more I'm just interested in Agents' preferences out there.

I am PvE only so apologies in advance to the PvP community for not being able to offer that perspective — but would love to hear your views.

Here are mine:

> SVD is probably my best gun in the game. Great ROF, great damage, great accuracy, handling is great even at close range.

> MK16 Tactical is the best-looking gun in the game. It is also my favorite AR. Great range, handling, and damage. But I prefer slower ROF ARs.

> Police M4 is the most fun gun in the game. Those instant melts on Reds is so satisfying. But high ROF costs me — too many reloads. Also a great-looking gun.

> Mk17 is the best semi auto but the SVD outperforms especially with a passive ammo talent. I would love to see the Urban MDR get a buff. Great handling gun, fun to use, sounds great with the silencer. Great close quarters rifle. I know the headshot bonus is higher but for me does not offset lower damage.

> Too many of the semi auto rifles are utterly worthless. Other than the SIG, Urban and MK17, I don't know why they wasted their code on the rest.

> Covert SRS is my favorite bolt action, it handles the best and also a great-looking gun, but the bolts need a buff to stay competitive unless you are a headshot artist. I am not…

> Why even create the FAL if its going to have 10 less in the mag? Was this an inside joke?

> Gun I wished I used more: The ACR

> Gun everyone else likes but I don't use due to poor range: P416

> Gun I see alot of people using and I don't understand why: AUG A3-CQC

> Gun class I don't use because they suck but would love to use if they didn't: shotguns

> Gun class I don't use because in PvE ARs seem superior in every way: Submachine guns

> Gun class I don't use because I probably am not very good at the game: LMGs

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