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You know what actually bothers me about The Division? It understates the darkness of its subject matter a lot and has some real horror legs that it just won’t use.

I don’t mind that we are often portrayed as the good guys, but the bad guys have some really dark notes that aren’t really part of the experience and this is an adult game. I understand wanting accessibility and to not bum your players out, but the suggestion alone invites some commitment to that thematic scope. That darkness is just side dressing as it is. Modern Warfare wasn’t just successful because it plays well. It was also successful for delivering an immersive experience where gameplay and drama intersected. The coercive methods a lot of them use should have a lot of hard moments where we see human suffering. We often find dark implications throughout environments, but it’s always just a view of the aftermath. I think if The Division committed more to that aspect of its intrigue they’d find a much greater connection with motivation outside of just the grind. I don’t see this fanbase roleplay and stick to this game near as much as others because the disconnect between gameplay and context is the goal seemingly.

There’s also a lot of instances where it shows some real potential for horror flavored encounters in its atmosphere, and it would definitely break up the vibe of encounters more to steer into that some more. Stretch those legs.

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