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Multi Player Is Not So Great

I've been doing Multi Player for a week or so and found that it's a bit of shit show. Can anyone confirm these points or am I way off base?

  1. Games are a real dice roll when it comes to balanced teams.
    1. I've noticed in between matches, the teams aren't shuffled
    2. There doesn't appear to be any sort of MMR
    3. You spend 1/2 your games either down or up a player
  2. The game has a progression system in multi player so I find I'm trashed by folks w/ more advanced weapons.
  3. It's impossible to text chat with all players. My only option is to "Team Chat" which I have seen ZERO people use. (Am I just wrong here? I'm on PC and have never see anyone type or talk in the 40 or so games I've played)
  4. There aren't enough players
    1. I spend 5+ minutes just searching for other players
    2. Most times the game starts 2v2 because it couldn't find other players.
  5. It takes me multiple tries to switch classes because the re-spawn timer is so short.
  6. You get fewer points for a loss than a win which makes the game especially hard on new players. They already start out at a disadvantage since regular players have better gear, now they have to grind through more losses as a result.

I guess I'm spoiled by OverWatch. It's not perfect but sets the bar for multi player match making based on my experience.

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