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Playing with randoms is sometimes quite rage inducing.

I have no problem with newbs that just got the game and have trouble aiming or using equipment. I'll help them learn at anytime. No problems whatsoever. We've all been newbs at one point. But some newbs are just so helpless and hopeless with basic, THE MOST BASIC GAME MECHANICS, it becomes rage inducing.

One of the last couple of games I played with randoms:

  • One newb stayed behind to fight off the swarm of zombies rushing the helipad in Jerusalem when the extraction to the helicopter was open. All 3 of our teammates were in the zone but one guy. The horde took care of him pretty quick. He went down and started bleeding out. We fought our way back to him, revived him, and …. he literally just kept fighting the hordes. We told him over voice chat to fall back… nothing. We ran back to the extraction zone and hoped he would just bleed out but backed up to a corner, it became pretty hard to do and we ended up going down and failing the entire level.

  • Another newb grabbed a medkit for himself to top off his health AFTER I healed him as a medic. He was at 95%. Some of us were around the 50% mark. That's just selfish and ignant as hell.

  • On the Jerusalem last stage with the satellite, one newb opened up the grinder trapping 2 of us between the fence and the grinder until we couldn't fall back and got swarmed and downed. He of course didn't rush in to save us and fell back… until he too went down and we failed.

  • One guy went AFK. Instead of voting to kick him, BOTH of my teammates just left the game. We had 2/3 votes. WHY?

  • Two newbs one of which just rushed forward and forward by himself and another who moved up as SLOWLY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE like a tactical SWAT game. They both got grabbed by lurkers.

Now when you have fully maxed out your class and weapons, the game on normal becomes intensely easy…. even with the AI. But it's just mind boggling how difficult the game becomes when you got that one teammate who lacks basic understanding of video games in general, and you would think that they couldn't possibly do THAT much damage but boy oh boy are we wrong. Am I being trolled or what?

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