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Somethings I wish I knew when starting out with horde mode. (Normal horde mode, beginners)

This is just my own strategy I thought I would share, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the right one, but I hope it makes sense and gives you hints that might help you out, and I wish someone would have told me about it.

I won’t state the obvious ones, for example heal your teammates and don’t steal someone else’s crate/money etc. that’s just common decency.

And this is for normal hord mode.

  1. Don’t waste your special/heavy weapons ammo in the first rounds, unless you absolutely have to. This mode is about being as economical/tight as possible with what you have been given. So basically… Don’t waste bullets.

  2. In the beginning, decide to defend one side all together. Set up one electric grid in the front and one in the back. This should be enough if you are a solid team within the first 4-5 rounds and save your money to buy other more important things…

2.5 you need 350 in total to able to buy tier 3 weapons. 250 for unlocking and 100 to buy them (I think) so do it ASAP. This will help you so much in your quest for domination. Your level 1 & 2 weapons can only help you for so long… a quick tip: let one person on the team get all the breaching charges and your team can get there basically even before round one has begun.

  1. Don’t waste money on claymores, molotovs or the likes. Get electric grids and autoturrets instead of equipment bags, unless it’s for stims and a medic on level 30 (masking effect and shoot revive from long range).

Why autoturrets and not regular ones? Cause you A. Don’t have to stand still and someone has to devote time and energy to have your back. B. It’s like having one extra buddy guarding your house and you are free to do what you do best, blast away zombies. Keep moving baby. But if you solid enough, and you have autoturrets backing you up, get turrets and put them on the edge of the truck and blast zombies away.

  1. Make sure to have a class that can set out explosive ammos. It is a must to overcome harder waves.

  2. This one is real important so pay attention: after wave 5 when they tell you to change locations, don’t go for it. It’s ok to set up one or two electric fences in the hangar, but remember in the end it’s all about defending that final grid, so start defending that position even before round 5/6 has begun. Have one person dedicated from round one to set up the defense over there. Here is a great tip, near the truck you can set 3 electric grids, do so, and you have your defense game locked in. Just jump, jump, jump around 😜 and slash.

These are currently the things that I just initially feel like I have learned the right way from other players and implemented it into my own sessions and have.l had some success at it.

Good luck on your quest and on horde mode.

And feel free to add other strategies that I may have forgotten that are essential to team success in horde mode or if you have other opinion on why it is good to use claymores etc. I’m open to learning new things and strategies. 😊👍🏽🙏🏽


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